Informata rreth kredisë për bujqësi

The agricultural loan is available to micro farmers and small farmers, as well as those engaged in agricultural business (planting, dairy producers, animal husbandry, etc.).

The purpose of the loan:
Purchase of fixed assets and working capital (repair of hangars, purchase of livestock, seeds, fertilizers, purchase of agricultural equipment, etc.).

  • Loan Amount: Max. € 25,000.
  • Return period: Max. 60 months.

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Apliko për kredi


Agro Window provides guarantees for financial institutions to cover the risk for loans in the agricultural sector. The eligible clients that can be guaranteed are MSMEs that are registered within the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (ARBK) or farmers who possess a Farmer Registration Certificate with a Farm Identification Number (NIF).

For more detailed information about the Agro Window specifics, please click on the following link.