• New Mini Tractor plus grant from donators
  • AFK in cooperation with EU and EBRD support farmers to renew their agricultural equipments, by giving the grant of 10 percent of the loan amount received at AFK.
  • For other agricultural loans AFK has removed the administrative fee and has increased the flexibility in return.
  • In order to receive donation or grant, there are a few conditions that needs fulfillment, in the time of loan application for loan you should have also technical specifications of your motorized tool and also a statement of your previous fuel expenses.
  • One of ours counselors will assist during the process, and in the begging of your application you will be informed whether you will receive the grant and how much will be the loan cost.
  • In this project named KoSEP are included: AFK, European Union, Norwegian Government, and European Bank for Development and Reconstruction.
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